Midweek Bucket List Fun!

Logan has started napping again. So, you would think I could get some housework done, right? Wrong. I obsessively check him. If I can’t see his blanket moving, I will put my hand on him to make sure he is still breathing. At least he is getting rest though.

Tuesday night had a full moon! It was beautiful! Once Logan found it he wouldn’t take his eyes off of it. We got some good pictures with the moon in it and Logan looking at the camera.

Also crossed off on the bucket list…A Charlie Brown Christmas! We sat and watched it before Lucas went to bed. Logan seemed to enjoy the pretty colors flashing by on the TV.

We have found that there is no FSMA chapter in SW MO or really in MO at all. The one in Kansas covers Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The serious thought of starting a chapter here has been on my mind since realizing this. There aren’t many of us with SMA around here from what I understand, but even if it could help out a few families, even in down into Arkansas, then it would be worth it. I do plan on waiting until things settle down here though. My full attention is directed towards spending as much time with my sons as possible.

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