Happy 5 months Logan!!! (and other updates :)

First off…

HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!!! He will “officially” turn 5 months at 5:30pm this afternoon :)! We are having a small party here at home. We have a few Usborne Touchy Feely books to give him along with his first baby ornament πŸ˜€ At six months we plan on a bigger celebration!

Now for the updates!

Its been a busy week between Brett and Lucas’ birthdays! On Monday, while Brett was taking Lucas to Chuck E Cheese, I took Logan to the pediatrician. His breathing was very raspy sounding during his afternoon nap and I was concerned. He is doing just fine though. His oxygen levels look great and his breathing is still strong.

On Tuesday, we had a continuous pulse oximeter delivered/set up. We live 30 min away from the nearest emergency room and we are uncertain on ambulance time right now. The oximeter is just a precautionary tool right now. We check him once or twice a day just to be sure his oxygen levels are still doing good. Our pediatrician and the nurse we are working with are both high anxiety personalities as well so they understand my proactive stance and support us 100%! None of us have ever gone through this journey of SMA before, and while that kinda sucks that we don’t know what is in store, we are all learning on this road together.

Yesterday, I finally spoke with someone in St. Louis neuromuscular department! I was so excited I almost woke Logan from his nap!!! It turns out why we haven’t heard anything yet is because they are fully booked currently. However, Dr. Connolly has reviewed his records and has expressed interest in our case! She wants to see him soon and the nurses are just waiting on when she can fit us in. So, we don’t have an appointment time yet. But, it gives us great comfort to know we are on the radar and will see her soon.

Well I’m off to wrap a few presents and plan dinner while Logan is napping still. My hope is that I can get pictures posted to all the posts by the end of the weekend! So stay tuned πŸ˜€

Thank you all for your support!

PS: I highly recommend these books for not only SMA babies, but all babies/toddlers!Β http://tinyurl.com/cng9vmc – Amazon Usborne Touchy Feely Books

PSS: Added pics for you guys! Little little man loves diaper change time!

Diaper Change Time!

Diaper Change Time!

We think diaper change time is funny :D

We think diaper change time is funny πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Happy 5 months Logan!!! (and other updates :)

  1. Your little man is too adorable! My baby boy loves to get naked. It’s hilarious to him lol I’m so glad you guys received good news. I hope the good news keeps on coming for you & your family. Sending good thoughts your way πŸ™‚


  2. Happy 5 months little Logan!! He is absolutely beautiful!! Ever since you posted on BBC I have been keeping this little guy in prayer. Stay strong and we are all here for your and your family.


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