New Bucket List Item! We need your help!!!

We have added a new item to Logan’s Bucket List that we need everyone’s help with! We would love for Logan to receive a postcard from all 50 states (and beyond if possible!).

Serena Keener will be assisting with collecting and forwarding the postcards on to us. She will keep track of which states we’re missing and ensure everything is forwarded to us.

Please send postcards to 8041 Ians Alley Laurel, MD 20724, care of Serena.

Please feel free to write Logan a quick note. We will read all messages to him 🙂

Thank you!!!!

11 thoughts on “New Bucket List Item! We need your help!!!

  1. I’ve been following Logan’s story for a while, and am constantly amazed at your family’s strength. While it’s hard to think about what will eventually happen, you should be so proud of the life you are giving Logan. He is loved! I’ll be sending a postcard from Ontario, Canada. Merry Christmas and know that there are well wishes being sent your way.


  2. I’ve been following you since you posted on July 2012 baby’s birth board on bbc. I will be sending a postcard to little Logan from Sydney, Australia. I know it says all 50 states, but why not go global?!
    Praying for you guys daily 🙂 xxx


  3. Will you post a list of the states that you’ve received one from and which ones you haven’t? He’ll be getting one (or another one) from Virginia as soon as I can get to the post office. 🙂


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