What a day already…

Yesterday we got out of the house for longer than 30 min! Woohoo!!! Well that was only because we had to go in to get Logan a flu shot. Little little man took it like a champ though! He only cried for a few seconds, realized it was over and then smiled. It was precious 🙂

I was dropping off a small present for our two main lactation consultants we have worked with over the past few months at the Cox Women’s Center. Turns out they were having their staff Christmas party and invited to stay and eat with them! It was such an honor to be in the company of so many wonderful women. The food was incredible, not to mention all the fabulous homemade desserts! Logan was the guest of honor being the only male there hehe. It was his first Christmas party too!!! We did sit away from all the other women and tables just to be safe, but it was still great fun. I was able to tell them all how much I appreciate them. They were so kind and gracious. They even put Logan’s facebook page in their status to help promote awareness.

This morning has been hectic. Logan is napping right now, but earlier he choked on Tylenol. I thought he was swallowing it, but apparently he was just holding it in his mouth then taking a big gulp. I’ve had a problem with this once before, but it has been a few months and we had been doing good since. I rushed him upstairs, plugged the cough assist and suction machine in. It only took a few minutes to get him back to normal and to stop coughing but it felt like an eternity. Afterwards he drank 5 oz of formula and smiled because Mickey Mouse was on the TV. I’m slightly traumatized from all that…not going to lie. I asked Brett to get a different flavor of Tylenol. I’m going to see if he takes it better.

Then…after all that. We find Lucas threw up at school. Yay. They confirmed he does not have a fever and it happened at recess so we question if he is really sick or if he just was running in circles and made himself dizzy/sick. Brett went to pick him up and will keep Lucas with him until we figure out what caused it. Then we will determine a plan of action of how to keep Logan from getting anything. Updates on that later.

Parents as Teachers is coming over this afternoon for some winter activities I can do with both boys. And also how to stimulate Logan a bit more. His brain is perfectly normal so we have to make sure we are stimulating him enough.

Now off to eat lunch. Geez…what a day already…

4 thoughts on “What a day already…

    • Actually it was!!!!

      He originally was taking grape. Then he decided he didn’t like it and we started with the swallowing problems. So we accidentally bought bubblegum and he loved it! Ran out of it and started this cherry…ugh. We are back to bubblegum though. He took it tonight without any problems!


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