Bucket List – Postcards Update!!!

Bucket List - Postcards Update!!!

From Serena: We are well on our way to postcards from all 50 states and then some!!!

Areas represented: New York, California, Oklahoma, Iowa, Colorado, Washington DC, Washington state, Texas, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Virgina, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, South Dakota, Ontario Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand!

13 thoughts on “Bucket List – Postcards Update!!!

  1. I see the one I sent! So glad it made its way there. Hopefully the ones my friends and family sent will arrive soon. Love and good thoughts to your family over Christmas. Logan, you are a gorgeous, happy little boy and we think about you every day. Merry Christmas. I hope Santa spoiled you!


  2. i searched high and low for your site, our local Tv station ran the story on Logan today and I have not stoppoed thinking about him. I have a Logan too who is 7 next week. I will keep reading and praying for your sweet little man
    Waterloo, IA


  3. We mailed ours from St. Louis today! If I read right, I think you guys will be here soon for treatment. The children’s hospitals here are wonderful and I know you will be in great hands! Praying for you guys!


      • Children’s Hospital is right on the outskirts of an area called the Central West End. That area has a TON of awesome restaurants! Im not sure what kind of food you like, but a few that I would recommend for take-out would be Llywelyn’s or Bar Louie for burgers or sandwiches. There is a place called Crepes, Etc. that would have great breakfast and if you’re looking for something like pizza, Pi or Imo’s are great (Imo’s is known for St. Louis style thin crust pizza). For dessert, The Cup has cupcakes and cookies with amazing buttercream frosting. Many of the places in that area are “foodie”-type fancy restaurants, so since having kids we havent ventured to many. πŸ™‚ As far as the hospital goes, we had to take our now 6-month old there when she was 2 months old for an ultrasound and everybody we worked with was wonderful! It was very obvious that the people who work there have a passion for helping kids. I’m praying that you guys have a great experience there and that they are able to help your little guy!


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