Recap of Christmas :)

Christmas day was incredible. Both boys loved their presents and we spent time with our family. Logan’s favorite gift was his Mickey Mouse Santa brought him. Lucas received so many Legos!!! Honestly the boy has an obsession with building Lego creations 🙂 I love it! Santa left a special note for Lucas telling him he was proud of him for being so good and to give Logan extra hugs and kisses. I’m fairly certain Lucas gives Logan a hundred hugs and kisses each day.

Everyone was full of smiles. Brett and I did have some tears when Logan was napping during the day. We just couldn’t fathom everything that was happening. Late Christmas night was also rough for me. I am a huge Christmas fanatic and the night/day after is always hard, but this year was especially hard. Thankfully Brett lets me keep up our Christmas decorations as long as I want :). I will start putting a few things away, but most of it will stay up until Valentines.

Late in the day Christmas, Logan started running a slight temperature. By morning he was breathing through his mouth and occasionally snoring.  We took him into the doctor just to be on the safe side. We were wondering if it was an ear infection, but everything turned out to be just fine. He has some congestion in his nose but no ear infection and his temperature went away.

The 27th was a quiet day. We just chilled out in our jammies all day. Insurance approved Logan for Synages (RSV shots) and we received the medicine minus epinephrine. Apparently there is a shortage but we should be receiving it soon as well. Whenever it shows up,  a nurse will come out to administer the shots. I about fell over at the cost. $3700 for the one dose before insurance. Shoot, even after insurance its still over $700. For one shot!!!! Ugh.

We didn’t do anything on our bucket list for a few days. We just kinda chilled out and I enjoyed the time with both boys. I need to find more activities though…

Today we watched Rio and Logan tried popcorn. It was pretty funny. At first he liked the taste but then changed his mind.

We received some sand, sea shells, and sand dollars from a wonderful family in Texas 🙂 We will post pictures soon of Logan touching the sand and shells. He always seems so stunned when he touches new things that are cold. Doesn’t matter what it is…if it is cold he just doesn’t know what to think! We also received a blanket made by B4SMA. They make a special blanket for each SMA baby. We will be taking a picture of it with him tomorrow.

I am going to start a list of things not to forget about Logan. Simple things like how he will sneeze two times in a row and then go “o”. Or how he always chats during “diaper change time”. Or how he loves for us to help him sit up straight like a big boy. I know these are things I most likely will never forget, but just in case my memory starts to fail, I will have something to jump start it.

Last thing 🙂 Anyone have suggestions on what activities I can do with both boys? Lucas has all next week off before school starts up again and I want to make the most of it!

Logan's Mickey Mouse Santa brought him :)

Logan’s Mickey Mouse Santa brought him 🙂

4 thoughts on “Recap of Christmas :)

  1. I’ve been following you silently for a while now. I admire your strength! Praying for Logan daily.

    Suggestions: sensory activities…
    Put a bunch of shaving cream on your kitchen table or kitchen floor if its tile or linoleum and let the boys draw and play with it. Cleans up easy and so so fun for them.

    Add food coloring to raw rice to make different colors and put all rice into a large tub with small items and have them play archeologist. You’ll just have to make sure Logan doesn’t get any into his mouth.

    Themed baths. Christmas bath, add green food coloring to the water, hang some tinsel garland from the shower rod to frame the tub and buy inexpensive paper foam pieces from Michael’s ans cut into different shapes of squares for presents. Use actual Christmas bows and place in the water. Your oldest can make presents on the wall using the foam squares and bows and Logan can enjoy the green water and play with the bows in the water.

    Do water tub actities with a large tub of water on the kitchen floor with different bath toys and measuring cups.

    Pull out the pots and pans and wooden spoons and make some music. You can help Logan make a beat and your oldest can wail away.

    I have lots more ideas, feel free to email me ans God Bless your family and your little boy!


  2. I could just eat that little boy up! I am from your birthboard, and my little one is July 3rd, so right behind yours. You are an amazing mommy and I have been following you for some time now. Many many prayers from us to you! and I will think of bucket list ideas for you, I might just come up with something


  3. My heart breaks for you Logan. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. You deserve to live a full life and I will be hoping for the best cutie. God bless your family and I hope that everything goes well.


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