Logan’s 6th Month Birthday!

Logan had a wonderful six month birthday today. The morning and early afternoon was very relaxed. Later afternoon is when we started decorating. I honestly don’t know how Party City makes any money. We bought his decorations for 50% off! They were so cheap! Logan stayed awake and happy through the entire party, which was about 2 hours. He normally only stays away for an 1.5 hours between naps during the day. He didn’t get very cranky until the end when we knew it was bedtime.

Some highlights from the party was the awesome cake from Stacey’s Sweets in Ozark, MO. She is such a talented baker and designer. The cake was based off of my baby shower cake only in reverse colors (the original cake was pale green with a pale blue dinosaur). We were going to do it for his 1st birthday, but since we aren’t sure that will come, we wanted to make sure we greatly celebrated this milestone.

We also set off some fireworks we had left over from the 4th of July. It was so hot then we were concerned about them setting a fire. We lit several roman candles, which Logan absolutely loved! There was one parachute for Lucas that got stuck on the roof. And the finale firework was large and gorgeous, but made a big boom each time it went off. Logan did not like the big booms and started crying, but as soon as I turned him away and faced him towards the house where he could see the reflection of the light, he was fine.

He got some cool new books and a new red feather since he was getting a little tattered.

We had a wonderful time celebrating.  We also want to thank everyone who celebrated with us by wearing green!!! It was so awesome seeing your pictures and comments 🙂 I did not cry much today, but when I did it was happy tears. I was just so overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness.

It is hard to believe our baby boy is six months old. Time flies way too fast.  We love you Logan!!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

3 thoughts on “Logan’s 6th Month Birthday!

  1. I read every post, and a lot of the girls I work with read them, too. I am so thankful for each day you and your family get with your son. His story has touched me in such a way that I actually log onto Facebook each day to hear his story. I have passed this on to every person that I know , and I know they’ve passed it on as well. Every day I think of your struggle and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I had something amazing to say, but I don’t. I truly wish that I could provide assistance to his care as I do for other families. I just keeping crossing my fingers that there will be a cure. I’m sorry that I cannot offer more words of support. Please keep believing that there is hope.


  2. Your little boy is truly a miracle of God. It must be hard to take all of this in and try to write a positive post. You are giving Logan a beautiful life on earth and he will have many memories of love to take with him. God Bles you and you and your wonderful family continue ot be in our prayers.


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