STL Trip Part 1 – Sleep study night

9:30pm: It’s the night of the sleep study. I don’t think I will sleep. In fact, I know I won’t. Brett is staying at the hotel. I’m hoping he gets some sleep so one of us is somewhat awake when we go to our other appointments.  We were here at 7:30pm to register and be admitted. We didn’t actually go up until a little after 8pm. They started putting on the wires at 8:30pm. Logan did good until the RN started putting the wires on his head. If you have never had a sleep study, I cannot begin to describe how many wires are connected to him. It is such a depressing sight. I think Brett took one picture. I was debating whether I wanted one or not. They had a wire that was bad on his chest and had to replace it. They just got done messing with everything. RN did mention starting oxygen during the last hour to see if his stats improve and see how he tolerates it. Poor baby is exhausted. He is usually in bed by 8, 8:30 at the absolute latest. Here is to hoping he sleeps good…

7:30am: So it was a normal night. Only difference was Brett wasn’t there if I needed him to get a bottle because Logan escalates so quickly sometimes. Logan woke up every hour to hour and a half. It was rough. By 3am I just wanted to cry because I was so tired. At 4am I stayed awake for 20 min after Logan went back down because I had a feeling he would be back up fairly soon. Sure enough, after a few rounds of Scramble and surfing Facebook, Logan was up and crying. The RN’s were so nice last night and came in to help me turn him a few times. He finally woke up about an hour ago. Brett brought me some biscuits and French toast sticks for breakfast along with a bottled Starbucks.  We gave Logan a half shower to get the glue out of his hair and sticky junk off his face and neck. After his bath, he was super smiley. The RN gave us a blanket to take home with us. There are little kids swimming on it. So appropriate since that is Logan’s favorite activity right now 🙂

We should get the results within 2 weeks, but we are hopeful for next week.

Now off to Dr. Connolly’s office for our 8am appointment. We are not sure what to expect, but are hopeful for new information and the confidence for a final decision in the direction we want to go with Logan.

Edited to add: The RN ended up not trying oxygen on him. They said they could see when he dipped, but it wasn’t too bad so they didn’t go through with it. I was disappointed mainly because I’m hoping that would help him sleep! But this may very well just be a phase. I’m glad he is still doing good but I wish we could figure out how to help him rest better.

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