Weekend Report

Logan has had a rough couple of days. He hasn’t been napping good again. I think he is just cranky because he is tired and doesn’t want to sleep. I swear…the child has fought sleep since birth haha.

He managed to half way turn himself over though night before last. He is a side sleeper. When I checked on him and his legs were still in a side position but his upper half was more on his back with his arm stretched over his head. His stats were good so I didn’t move him. But about 30 min later I woke up to check him again because I was worried and he had turned over on his side again. I was astonished! He hasn’t done anything like that since though. I am going to work with him more during the day and see if he can turn like that again.

The past two days have been rather scary at times. Logan has started coughing and then won’t stop. Both times it sounded like reflux came up and when he swallowed it went down the wrong pipe. Normally when we use the cough assist we do 4 rounds of 5 “coughs” each at 27lbs. These two times however we took it up to 30 and had to do at least 6 rounds, suctioning after each time. He finally cleared up and didn’t have any more problems during the day. I seriously couldn’t not be more thankful for those machines…even to just have on hand for times like these.

We did have fun with trying a sucker today 🙂 That was probably the highlight. I’m starting to take some Christmas stuff down and not bawl. I love Christmas, but I know the “Christmas” Christmas stuff needs to come down. I am going to leave up my village and a few other color things though. But I always always hate this time of year for this exact reason. I can’t wait until I see more valentine things pop up!

I started thinking about our conversation with Dr Connolly last night. She mentioned that with science now, it is possible to guarantee an SMA free baby from two carriers. I would list out the process, but I’m bound to get it wrong. It did sound very much like in-vitro (sp?) though. In the following weeks after we found out about SMA and truly understood how it works, we decided Logan would be our last. We didn’t want to put ourselves through this again and we especially did not want to put Lucas through all of this again. However, we had no idea this process was possible. So rather than completely rule it out, it is going on the back burn for a year or two. We are still 95% sure we won’t have another one, but rather wait and not make the wrong decision too quickly.

Thinking about it ...

Thinking about it …

I think he likes it! :)

I think he likes it! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekend Report

  1. I try how to read all of your post about Logan he was born right after our son I cannot imagine what you’re going through please just know there are many people out there that feel for you.


  2. Logan is too cute! I just want to hug him! His facial expressions are adorable 🙂 you and him are in my thoughts everyday.


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