Today’s Craziness

Well today has been eventful unfortunately. We started out at 12am still awake from a crying baby. The barium is not passing well. It has made Logan extremely gassy and bloated. He screams and has crocodile tears while he is trying to poop right now. It is so hard 😦

We visited with Lucas’ ENT later this morning. We just wanted his opinion on everything from his view. I need to call back tomorrow to find out what a certain flap was called. This flap was slightly curled but everything else was developing great and looked completely normal.

After talking to our nurse, Brett and I decided to put off Logan’s surgery until February 14. We want him to get his six month vaccines and his second round of Syngages (RSV shots) before he goes in for it. He also seems to be getting sick which brings me to…

When we got home, he was unusually fussy. He didn’t want to eat or do anything. I finally took him downstairs to check his temperature and sure enough he was running a fever. And to go along with it,  a clear watery runny nose. Just lovely. His temp went from 100.7 to 101.1 within an hour time. His secretions started coming out like crazy too.

Talk about trying not to freak out. I suctioned his nose and mouth every 15 minutes. Poor baby didn’t want to sleep. He laid and watched some Mickey Mouse. Dozed off for 10 minutes at time. I just sat and watched him while talked to nurses and doctors to see what we needed to do.

After spending what seemed like hours on the phone with different nurses and doctors, both here and in STL, I took Logan in to be seen. Just to be on the safe side. Our pediatrician was confident it isn’t pneumonia. She said everything sounds clear and he is moving air really well despite him crying so much. At this point we aren’t sure if it is the very early signs of an ear infection, a cold, or if we are in the first 24 hours of the flu. She did a swab test on him and we should get the results in the morning. To err on the side of caution though we started him on Tamiflu tonight.

He has eaten a bit better compared to earlier today. He also took the medicine well. No major choking or gagging. He developed eczema over the past few days. We found a small sample tube of Aveeno Baby Eczema and Logan immediately stopped fussing and even gave a small smile! I rubbed on him for about 15 min. He cooed some. It was the happiest he had been all day. We got his new mattress today too! I laid him down, turned to put his pulse ox on him and when I turned back he was already asleep.

We are hoping for great news come morning and that whatever this bug is has gone. We definitely feel better moving his surgery to the 14th. What a way to spend V-day! But at least we will be together 🙂

There needs to be a new word for very very exhausted. Because that is where I am. I am so tired my mind can’t even begin to freak out over what is happening right now. Fresh perspective please come tomorrow morning. 

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