Weekend update – Logan’s 1st Cold

Well Thursday was a mess. I left the suction machine by his pack n play and it was a good thing because I had to use it several times to get the junk out of his nose to help him breathe. Sleep did not happen…

Honesty time: I feel terrible looking back on this, but I was so angry that night. I’m sure you could feel the anger radiating off of me 3 miles away. I was angry that Logan couldn’t sleep therefore we couldn’t sleep. I was angry because I have done everything I could to protect him from getting sick and yet it happened. That this happened because I was being proactive in getting the g-tube before his swallowing failed. If we would have waited, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten sick. I felt that made me a bad mom. But I was laid there with hot tears filling my eyes, Brett turned to me and asked “If this is his last week, do you really want to remember it in anger?” That immediately made me back down off of this ledge I felt I was on. If this cold turned out to be so bad it developed into pneumonia and we lost him…did I really want that to happen while I was jaded by anger? I decided no. I was not going to let that happen. And as soon as I decided that I drifted off to sleep.

Friday was terrifying for lack of a better word. I spent all day by Logan’s side. I didn’t move him for nap. He laid on his pillow on the couch and would fall asleep every hour and a half with his scheduled vibration I did. For Christmas a few years ago, Brett bought me a shiatsu massage pillow and I laid it behind the pillow so it would vibrate Logan just lightly. He seemed to really enjoy it. He would start to fuss, I would turn it on and he would go back to being content.

His fever got up to 101.7 and he wouldn’t drink more than 1.2-2 oz every 3 hours. I suctioned his nose every 5-10 minutes and used the cough assist at 35lbs almost every 2 hours or as he sounded like he needed. Because I was suctioning his nose clean so much I think that helped stop the drainage.

The scariest part though was while he was napping. Originally I was going to nap with him so I could get some sleep as well. However, during his first nap I knew I wasn’t going to sleep for another 24 hours. Even while laying flat on his side, his extra secretions and nasal drainage would cause him to start choking/coughing. So I would get the suction tube/bulb, and suction his throat/nose clear. He would wake up for a moment and whine, then fall right back asleep. I was so paranoid after the first incident I didn’t leave his side to even go to the bathroom. Brett picked up Lucas and I asked him to come home rather than run a few errands. I needed a break. The good news of the day was that Logan’s swab was clear of the flu and norovirus!!! So we are either dealing with a head cold or the early stages of an ear infection. The saddest part was Logan didn’t smile all day 😦

Friday night wasn’t as bad as Thursday. I do remember a 3 hour stretch of sleep. Saturday was pretty good. Logan still had quite a bit of drainage, but no fever most of the day. He was actually smiling and chatting! I still suctioned him every 10-15 min but I only had to use the cough assist 3 times. A home support nurse stopped by late afternoon to check on Logan. He confirmed he was fever free and said his lungs sounded great! Whatever I was doing to keep doing it because it was working. We then watched Madagascar 3 with big brother Lucas. It was a fairly relaxing day.

Sunday seemed like a normal day! Logan’s nose was still stopped up a little, but nothing big. Drainage was at a minimum and his secretions seemed to be back at a normal level. He was able to sit up in his rock n play (the to previous days he had been laying down on his side the entire day). He was his normal joyous self. We decided to go ahead and plan a zoo trip for Monday and take Lucas out of school early. Its Missouri and its supposed to be 70 degees during the end of January. Craziness I tell you!

I do believe we have beaten Logan’s 1st cold. *sigh of relief*

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