Week/Weekend Updates

This past week was a lazy week after our zoo trip on Monday. We paid for the beautiful 70 degree Monday with a very rainy, full of tornado watches Tuesday. But before the big storms rolled in, Logan and I went out and danced in the rain. I don’t know if any neighbors were home. If so, they probably thought I was crazy lol. But it was worth it. I have a beautiful memory burned into my mind of Logan looking at me with squinty eyes wondering what was falling on him. Along with him smiling as we twirled together.

Logan has done well health wise this week. His nose is still a bit stuffy but good other than that. We went in Saturday for his 6 month shots. We are almost a month late on them, but thats ok. Our pediatricians office is awesome and let us be the last patient of the day. Logan was such a trooper! He received three shots and one oral. He took the oral meds like a champ and cried for just a bit after his shots. But then he was right back to smiling.

The past few days he has fought sleep though. Once he is asleep he does ok, but getting to that point is rough. I’m not sure if he is staying up too late or simply not tired enough to go to sleep? I just feel bad for him because I know he is super tired.

Tomorrow, a home health nurse is coming out to give him his Synages (RSV shots). Logan did so great last time. I am hoping he does just as amazing this time.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for Wednesday the 6th! We would love everyone to wear something green to help us celebrate Logan’s 7th month birthday! We are so incredibly grateful that we have made it this far with him. We know that not all families have been as fortunate to celebrate this long.

And to end this post on a sad note…there were three of us who had our babies diagnosed at the same time. I found the other two moms on facebook who were also going the palliative care route.  Last night our hearts were filled with sorrow. One of our precious babies was lost due to SMA. Sullivan was 4.5 months and was loved so greatly by his family. He touched our hearts with his good fight to the end. We are encouraged by the thought that he is now free…free from the chains of his SMA body. Fly free Sullivan…fly free

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