Surprise from Logan

Logan surprises us almost everyday. From the way he communicates how he feels/what he thinks through facial expressions, to the things he can do.

There are two particular things he has started doing lately that has caught us by surprise to say the least. With SMA, children become weaker. There is nothing to stop that. And while Logan is no exception, he has not weakened like we thought he would. Since the diagnosis, Logan has lost his ability to hold his head up for a bit while we hold him. Now, he flops to the side immediately if we are not careful. With his arms and legs though, he can move them more than we knew.

Within the past few days, we started noticing if we hold him or if he is laying where his hands can reach his face easier, he will rub his eyes when tired! Now, for the normal developing baby this isn’t big news. However, for us, we were so thrilled when we realized this! I will hold him so he can reach his face easier just to watch him do this occasionally.

On Saturday (2/9), Brett’s parents were helping watch the boys while I took care of a few things around the house. I came upstairs to check on them and Paula said Logan was turning pages in a board book. I thought she was just joking, kind of playing with him. But no! The book was within his grasp and he was try and turn the page. She would turn the book a bit to help him, but once he was done with the page he would try and grasp the next page to turn. I even have it on video!!! I am so proud of my baby boy!!!

During these times when I am desperately looking for light, Logan has shown us these new abilities. These small triumphs bring me such joy. I am so excited to see what else he has to reveal to us.

Logan turning pages!

Logan turning pages!

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