And now we wait… Updates as they come

10:20am Dr V just came and told us the surgery went very well and was “boring”. They are going to try and extubate right now then move him to PICU for a bit to recover. Extubating is the scary part for me. I’m afraid he won’t be strong. But my soul is amazingly at peace right now. I can’t wait to hold my baby boy!

9:57am Dr W came out. Logan is doing good. They have him on a pressurized breathing system. So he breaths for himself but if he starts breathing shallow the machine well kick in to help. They did have to give remifentanil but it should wear off within 5 min of stopping it. He was breathing a bit hard, but they think they won’t have to use muscle relaxers. Surgeon is starting the procedure now. Dr W said most likely one hour.

9am: Logan just went back and is asleep. Now we wait…

They let me go back with him. I had to wear the bunny suit haha. Logan did such a great job. He hadn’t had any liquids since 5:15am but didn’t hardly whine. We watched two “new to us” episodes of Little Einsteins. It was so heart warming to see him laugh at Rocket.

He was full of smiles and wonder while being wheeled back. They had a warm blanket for him to lay on. He smiled while being hooked up. The only time he started to fuss, was when they held the mask up to him to out him asleep. He looked worried, but we locked eyes. I told him he was a strong boy and was going to do great. We loved him so so much and would be right here when he woke up. His eye held peace and them he went to sleep. They let me take my mask off and kiss his cheek. I didn’t shed any tears until after his eyes were closed.

They scheduled it for 2 hours conservatively.  So now we wait…


Silly mommy clothes 🙂


Check out my awesome gown!


Just woke up!

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