Out of PICU!!!

At 4pm we are out of PICU!!! We have our own private room. Logan has smiled much more this afternoon and has been eating good by mouth. Tonight starting at 8pm we will run 10ml every hour and see how he tolerates it. Tomorrow we will feed him 2oz by mouth and one by tube.

Several nurses and doctors have commented about our reverse isolation in place and how smart it is. Smart wasn’t what we were thinking when it was put in place. It was more of, we don’t want baby boy to get sick. Although no matter how brilliant, we can’t take credit for it. It was Dr W’s (anesthesiologist) suggestion!

We had the privilege of meeting a mom with a SMA Type 1 child tonight. Unfortunately Logan wasn’t feeling good at the time so we didn’t chat long. She brought us dinner, snacks and drinks!! Logan also got a sweet balloon, a squishy book, and a new nightlight seahorse.

The reason Logan wasn’t feeling well was because he did not have a bowel movement in 24 hours. We never thought about him having those issues, but it makes sense. He was in so much pain. We turned him on his side. I stayed up by his head talking to him and trying to calm him. Brett rubbed his lower back and hip. It took a solid 30 min of us working with him but he finally had a movement. And it went everywhere on his padding. Thank goodness there was a pad underneath the dirty one. It made it so much easier to get the dirty one away from him.

He finally went to sleep to Little Einsteins and Brett and I ate dinner. Maybe tonight I will get some sleep. There is a window seat to sleep on instead of a flip chair.

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