Happy 8 months Logan!!!

Here we are again celebrating Logan’s birthday!!! I can honestly say I didn’t know if this day would come while he was still with us. Logan keeps pushing his way towards beating the first statistic (80% will not reach their 1st birthday). February was a tough month. Several babies lost their fight with SMA and one in particular was a little over 8 months. That was very sobering as we hit this new milestone with Logan.

Logan had his g-tube surgery on Feb 14th and has had a great recovery! He had his two week check up a few days ago and the area around the button looks amazing! He really didn’t any drainage and there are no scabs or buildup. It looks like the tube has been there for years 🙂 The only place we are watching out for is a small incision under his belly button where they inserted the camera. It is kind of crusty and we want to make sure that it doesn’t build up more. 

At the checkup they also measured him. He is a little over 29 inches long (!!!) and 18 pounds. He is a growing boy!!! His night feeds are going well. We just bumped him up to 30ml/hr during the night. He really hasn’t gone over 250ml in a night, but we are working on it. He seems to be getting used to it. I know we were already supposed to be at 40ml/hr with 400ml during the night plus extra feeds during the daytime. However, I feel Logan just isn’t ready for all of that yet. He definitely lets us know when he is comfortable with something 🙂

We are ready for March. I am looking forward to warmer weather, more zoo trips, trips to Branson, walks outside and crossing off more outdoor items on our bucket list. May March bring Logan more health and strength!


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