Happy 9 months Logan!!!

Dear Logan boy,
We are so thrilled we get to celebrate 9 months with you today!!! I think I say this every month, but we had no idea we would make it this far. We are so happy and blessed to have you in our lives. You have taught us to love deeper, live fuller and slow down to cherish each and every moment. Your smile is so radiant despite your diagnosis. It challenges me to face life with a smile despite the negativity around me as well.

Overwhelming love does not begin to describe how we feel for you. I hope you had a wonderful day baby boy. I know we did spending it with you 🙂

Look how far we have come ❤

New born Logan

New born Logan

2012-07-20 19.24.00 2012-07-24 18.35.21

Logan's "thinker" pose

Logan’s “thinker” pose

Just chillin...

Just chillin…

2012-10-21 11.39.422012-12-23 18.21.582013-02-12 20.07.062013-03-21 19.31.49

Funny Face <3

Funny Face ❤


True love does not only exist in fairy tales…


6 thoughts on “Happy 9 months Logan!!!

  1. Happy 9 months Logan! You are a strong, precious, adorable baby boy! Hope you have a great day and many more!!! U are loved very much! My baby girl Kamila and I will be wearing our green for you today!


  2. A very very happy birthday to you sweet baby Logan! Your smile always brightens our day 🙂 Aybree and Easton are wearing green to celebrate this special day! As will they for all your birthdays to come


  3. Logan, you have touched my life in a way you will never imagine. I pray for you and your family everyday. I wore my green Logan shirt today to celebrate your day. Happy nine months sweet baby boy!


  4. Oliver and I both wore green yesterday to celebrate. 9 months! What a milestone! You bring such happiness to your family Logan. Love to you and everyone around you!


  5. Your story touches me so. Logan is so blessed for having such a wonderful family. He is a special little boy and his smile warms my heart. May God bless you all.


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