Birthday Weekend!

We decided to make Logan’s birthday an entire weekend affair. Saturday we went by Sonic for Lunch then to Sequiota Park. We walked along the pond and watched Lucas tackle the large slide and fireman pole. Then we were off to Ozark to pick up his cake. We were excited to see Stacey! We haven’t seen her since right before we went on lockdown in December. It was such a beautiful day!!!

Brett then text me and said a friend had given him a gift card for Zio’s. We thought it would be a nice treat so we made reservations for an early dinner. Apparently everyone had the same idea!! However, our waitress was incredibly nice and set us apart from everyone else.

Logan started to get fussy in the car, but I thought is was just because he was tired. We still aren’t sure what happened, but Logan threw up all over me around 6:30pm. He turned pale and cold, so we wrapped him up. He was much happier afterwards though and was all smiles before bed time. It was weird.

He started having a rough time around 3am and we put him on .5 liter of oxygen. It was a tough decision, but he was much happier after he was on it. He didn’t go back to sleep until past 4 am.

Because of the small mishap after dinner on Saturday, we had to wait for cake. But the boys didn’t mind birthday cake first for breakfast Sunday morning. Logan then took a 3 hour nap and when he woke up we were off to our local zoo! Logan took his first train ride and loved it!!! He also fed the giraffes their crackers and saw many animals. It was a wonderful birthday weekend 🙂

Photo bomb time!

Good Morning :)

Good Morning 🙂

Birthday Balloons!

Birthday Balloons!

Rockin' the "Logan" onesie!

Rockin’ the “Logan” onesie!

Car ride time!! Off to the park and to get cake!

Car ride time!! Off to the park and to get cake!

Logan's Awesome Cake!!!

Logan’s Awesome Cake!!!

A purple heart for Brooklyn <3 She passed 4 weeks ago today

A purple heart for Brooklyn

Good cake Ms Stacey!

Good cake Ms Stacey!

First train ride! <3 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

First train ride! Plus wearing his awesome new out fit he got for his birthday ❤

One thought on “Birthday Weekend!

  1. Love it!! Thanks for sharing! You did the right thing with the oxygen, for what it’s worth. You guys are in my thoughts every day.
    -from BBC July 2012 Board


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