Rollercoaster – Part one

Well, Thursday was eventful. All day. I posted about the morning scare we had. The rest of the day was ok until around 6pm. Our hospice nurse was coming over to help me figure out how to “unclog” Logan. He hasn’t had a bowel movement in 48 hours so we were wondering if that was contributing to everything. No joke, she walked through the door and Logan vomited through his nose. We spent the next 30 minutes suctioning him. We then found the cough assist wasn’t working. I’m not sure when that happened, but we had a new one delivered that evening. Thankfully, the suctioning helped him to stop coughing. We finally went to sleep about an hour later than usually.

He woke up at 3:30am with a slight fever. I called our hospice nurse to be sure I could give a dose of morphine with a dose of Tylenol. She confirmed I could and he seemed to rest really well until the morning.

Friday doesn’t stand out to me like the rest of the weekend. I remember being worried about him because he started sleeping more. His oxygen levels were all over the place. Late afternoon and we kept encouraging Lucas to sit and watch Little Einsteins with him. His cry had became very weak. I sent a text out in the evening to close friends and family saying he had declined on Thursday and hadn’t made a full recovery.

Saturday is a different story. A good friend stopped by that morning to see him while Brett and Lucas went to a friend’s birthday party. Logan slept over 12 hours. We woke him for a bit, but he went right back to sleep. It was rough after she left. It was like Logan wanted to wake up but just couldn’t. He finally woke around 1pm. He was awake for less than 30 min but I was able to leave the room so Brett could have some alone time with him. We all had this feel of dread that he wasn’t going to be here this time next weekend. He wasn’t happy Logan, he wasn’t really here with us when he was awake. It was so heartbreaking and I think I cried almost the entire day. I didn’t want to post anything in hopes we were wrong.

Saturday night, Logan and I slept on our couch. It has a chaise attachment I picked out for this purpose (thank you Ashley Furniture for have a crazy awesome sale with no interest for 5 years). We slept the entire night. And then he kept sleeping through the morning. 15 hours in total.

Logan just woke up and is cranky. Part two during next nap time

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