What a wonderful weekend

Saturday was a slow day. Sunday was AMAZING!!! We made the last minute decision to go to Branson. We have always loved the fish hatchery and throwing rocks into Table Rock Lake. It was the first “longish” trip with Logan since St Louis. He did so amazing! I think the fresh air really helped him.

We were at the hatchery for about an hour. There was a very funny moment towards the end. The sun was getting into the stroller and we did not have the sun shield screen in the bottom like we thought. So we put a blue blanket on the top hanging over a bit to help keep the sun out of Logan’s eyes. He eyed that blue blanket. Every once in a while he would squint at it like he was really thinking. It bothered him that the blue blanket was just hanging there. He smiled once we moved it!

From the hatchery, we went to the Branson Landing. We decided to try a new restaurant, Black Oak Grill. IT WAS AMAZING! Seriously, I cannot saying good things about this place. They use local food sources, the staff was incredible(!!!), and the food was even more amazing. It was definitely a once/twice a year type thing, but it was a special treat being down there with Logan. He chilled in the stroller watching an episode of Little Einsteins and talking to it nonstop. It was so sweet. After dinner, we went to get Logan a couple pairs of shorts. Its hard to work around a onesie, especially in the car, when using the g-tube. Lucas found an awesome Mickey Mouse shirt he wanted Logan to have. Brett found an awesome shirt that says ‘Hello I’m – Awesome Big Brother”. I found the little brother match. I’m definitely thinking pictures 🙂 He was fascinated with everything around him. He was in love with Dino’s 24 Karrot Cake shop because of the fans inside.

Monday started out rough but became much better in the afternoon. We went to Medical South to drop off a few things to Childrens Miracle Network. On the way in we ran in my favorite OB nurse and nurse practitioner! Logan was all smiles for them ❤ After chatting with them for a bit we went to the CMN office and met Kassie. We have talked for six months now, but hadn’t met until now. We also had the privilege of meeting Tim, the director. Again, Logan was all smiles 🙂 It was sweet and amazing to see him interact with everyone.

It is rough going right now (I’ll update in another post). I deeply hope these are not our last good days. But if they are, they were absolutely wonderful. Everything I could have wished for…a beautiful sunny day, fun with Lucas, a wonderful dinner and shopping. All with my amazing husband and sons.

Lucas looking at the different trout in the aquarium

Lucas looking at the different trout in the aquarium



Daddy getting Lucas some fish food

Daddy getting Lucas some fish food

Feed fish time!

Feed fish time!

Some has a Lucas finger

Some has a Lucas finger…

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