Dear Logan – Happy 11 Month Birthday

Dear Logan,
Today, you would have turned 11 months. We celebrated with you like we normally would, only you weren’t physically with us this time. A new tradition was started today. There was still pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert (Ms Stacey made a cupcake just for you today. You would have loved the green icing and little dinosaur <3). However, we ate at your “spot” so that we could be close to you to celebrate. We sent you a few balloons and brought you some green flowers 🙂

I can’t believe it, but it has also been almost a month since we last saw you smile. Where has the time gone? We all miss you terribly baby boy. While visiting you, Lucas was walking around your spot. A few times he stopped to play “peek a boo” with you. My heart yearns to see you again: to hug you, kiss you, and dance with you. Until then, we will just keep pushing forward, sharing your beautiful smile with the world.

❤ We love you Logan, with all our hearts. So many miss you. Keep watching over all of us handsome boy. ❤

Lucas with his special Big Brother cupcake

Lucas with his special Big Brother cupcake


We even found a red feather :)

We even found a red feather 🙂

Sweet baby boy

Sweet baby boy

12 thoughts on “Dear Logan – Happy 11 Month Birthday

  1. Today, as we all wore our green work shirts, I couldn’t help but think of Logan and your family ALL day. While Logan’s time here may have been brief, he has already made a big impact. We constantly found ourselves talking about Logan today and why we were all in green. Sending much love and hugs to your family today and everyday.


  2. Love and miss you Sweet Logan. Happy 11 month birthday baby boy. Many hugs Ruth family, I’m sure your angel is right there by your side every day.


  3. July 2012 BBC mama- Wore our green yesterday and thought of Logan many, many times throughout the day. Missing that sweet smile so much, but, I know, it’s nothing compared to how much you miss him. The tears started falling when I got to the part about Lucas playing peek-a-boo. Some days I just don’t know how y’all stand it. Much love always, Tia and the Ruth family. Tia, I know it’s not much help, but every time I hold my baby, I wish you could still hold yours, too.


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