Hard to believe its been 6 months

It is hard to believe its been 6 months since you have left us Logan boy. We can only imagine the fun you are having out there, somewhere beyond the moon: running, jumping, skipping, climbing. And the most fun of all, flying.

The hole in our hearts are greater than ever as we miss you more as each day passes. We are reminded of you as the train goes by or we see pictures of giraffes. Dinosaurs seem to be the “it” theme for baby boys. So while we shop for your baby sister, we see your dinosaurs and can’t help but smile. Some days, its hard to keep going forward without you because we miss you so much. But we made you a promise, to keep pushing and fighting for you. And we will Logan…we will ❤

We love and miss you so much sweetie. Fly free baby boy

What I Wouldn’t Give
“What I wouldn’t give for one more look,
another sparkle in your eye for our memory book

What I wouldn’t give for one more smile,
to brighten the day and save in your file

What I wouldn’t give for one more laugh,
and feel the joy from our day with the giraffe

What I wouldn’t give for one more smell,
your hair with lavender wash as a relaxing spell

What I wouldn’t give for one more hug,
wrapping my arms around you, keeping you snug

What I wouldn’t give for one more chance,
listening to our favorite artist, having one more dance

Oh my baby, what I wouldn’t give to hold you once more,
but one day I will find you, through that distant door”

wpid-imagejpeg_2_6.jpg wpid-CameraZOOM-20121025103601342.jpg

Daddy's got me :)

Daddy’s got me 🙂

We think diaper change time is funny :D

We think diaper change time is funny 😀

Logan's Mickey Mouse Santa brought him :)

Logan’s Mickey Mouse Santa brought him 🙂

Logan waving "Hi Everyone!"

Logan waving “Hi Everyone!”

DSC06818 wpid-CameraZOOM-20130306191111350.jpg

A July BBC family sent Logan this birthday shirt!

A July BBC family sent Logan this birthday shirt!

2013-01-15 10.42.38

<3 Logan's Last Smile <3

❤ Logan’s Last Smile ❤

We would love to hear how Logan has impacted your life ❤ Please share you story in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Hard to believe its been 6 months

  1. I think of Logan often and we talk about him at home. He brought so much love and light into the world! On the days where I feel tired or angry about something, I think of Logan and all he went through… And I try to smile through it all like him. Logan has taught us all to be grateful and to live joyfully. We miss him, too. There will be a cure one day!


  2. I got to know Logan some months ago and since the first time I read your blog,there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t “passed by” your facebook page and read about him and his progress.His sweet and brave smile has made me stronger. When I feel weak and things start to get me down a bit,I think of him and all the babies who suffer but don’t give up and fight.I believe that we owe them a better world.We owe them a cure,care and justice.To all children but especially to these little fighters who show us the way. Everything happens for a reason and I believe God chooses his brightest and strongest servants to lead the way and help others find the strength inside them.I am sure Logan is now so happy near this endless love and God will bless you all with his grace giving you more happy moments. I read the cure is so close,thanks to you,all beautiful families with SMA angels!


  3. Logan reminds me to hug my children extra tight, to slow down and enjoy the silly, and sometimes even annoying things they do, to never rush too fast to forget to tell them I love them. Thank you, Logan ❤


  4. I think about Logan lots. Our boys were born 4 days apart. I thank God every day I get with my little man and I know your daughter will never replace Logan but she still will be your little angel on earth. 🙂


  5. Logan has taught me patience, I feel I am a better mom because of him. I treasure each day and I feel my husband has learned from my new behavior. I thank you for sharing Logan with us, I feel like he is part of my family.


  6. Logan has made me want to be a better mother to my July 2012 baby girl. I think about him and your family all the time. Thank you for letting us all into your lives. You and Logan have taught me that life needs to be lived to the fullest. And I know that Logan is watching over all of us.


  7. I checked in today to see how you guys have been doing, and saw your question about how Logan has affected our lives.

    His story is a reminder to appreciate what I have, all the good around me, and to keep smiling even when things look bad.

    I can honestly say that he touched my heart, and that just isn’t something that happens to me every day. He was, is, incredibly special. As are you, your husband, his brother, and his new little sister.


  8. Hi Tia, I know this is an old post. I was going back through them all again, re-reading them, and trying to decide where to place my comment. My whole family still thinks and talks about Logan very regularly. I, personally, still think about him VERY often. I don’t think I can list all the ways Logan has impacted and changed my life. I’m not even sure anyone would want to read a post that long. And not just Logan- you, too. Your strength and grace has inspired me in SO many ways. I want to be more like you. As I’m writing, my July 2012 LO, JeniCate, is playing with one of her older sisters. Right as I was thinking to myself about all the ways Logan has changed me, she burst into laughter. It made me think, “that right there.” I’ve always loved the sound of a child laughing but before Logan, the sound wasn’t ALSO a reminder of all the mothers who lost their children and don’t get to hear them laugh. It wasn’t ALSO a reminder to take the time to appreciate the precious moment for its fleeting quality or its precarious nature. It was always a sweet sound that made me smile, but now it’s a sweet sound that makes me smile AND think. It makes me take a moment, every single time, to say a “prayer” (of sorts) to The Powers That Be to thank them for allowing me to continue to have this child in my life when so many mothers have lost theirs. I have lost babies- five of my own plus a nephew to SIDS- but none of them were as old as Logan. None of them were around long enough for me to know their likes, dislikes, and personality quirks. I know, from your words, that having had that time was a gift and yet sometimes I think I was the lucky one because I don’t have all those constant reminders in daily life (giraffes, trains, dinosaurs, green, cupcakes, etc.) of who I lost. So I think it is probably, in a way, easier for me. It’s just as hard to think of the “what if’s”, but I don’t have constant visual reminders of who that child was becoming. I’m still so sorry, Tia. I think of you every single day, STILL, and hope you are finding some joy in your life again. Thank you for continuing to share with us. Logan changed my life in more ways than I can list. Thank you for letting him touch so many. ❤ A fellow July 2012 BBC mama


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