In Memory of Logan – Our 1st Donation!

Excerpt for our blog: November 29th, 2012
Today we received our care package from FSMA (Families of SMA). They are so incredibly generous. There were toys that Logan can play with, a bath pillow to make bath time easier as his muscles weaken more, a bubble blower, a beautiful quilt made by the grandma of Nora ( who also has SMA. Several foundations were involved in donating. I told Brett one day when we are able, I would love to contribute to the care package somehow.

When we started on Logan’s journey, there two things we knew we wanted to do: Start a foundation of support for Southwest Missouri and contribute to Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy care packages for newly diagnosed families. While searching for local support (and finding none sadly), we stumbled upon FSMA’s website. I contacted them the Monday after Thanksgiving and within 3 days, we had a carbed and care package. The care package opened up a whole new world for us and what we could do with Logan. It was very exciting!

This year, with the help of so many people, we were able to accomplish the second half of our dreams. 200 Usborne Touchy Feely Books were delivered to FSMA and placed in the Type I care packages! The Jacob Isaac Rappoport Foundation has been fully funding the Type I Care Package Program since 2009 and we are so honored to contribute to the cause.

Why Touchy Feely Books? Because they were Logan’s favorite past time. It was something the we could all do with him too. Lucas could not quite read yet, but the books were simple enough to read and then describe with his imagination. If Logan was starting to become cranky, we could pull out a “That’s Not My…” book and he would cheer up!

A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible. We could not have reached this goal alone. I am so excited that a small memory of Logan will be delivered in each box and hopefully will bring smiles to those going through this difficult journey.

**To see the post by Families of SMA about our donation, click:

Here are a few of our wonderful memories captured while reading these books with our baby boy:
2013-04-13 15.10.59
2013-05-04 13.22.39
2013-05-04 17.09.57

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